The Hidden Goddess

Bring Your Altar Tools This Year!


Each of the seven Gods attending Sickle are going to do individual rituals on Friday, sharing important mysteries you won't want to miss and you will need your altar tools.


Oak King Ares - Sword Dancing - Starting your day with Power (Dull athame)

Maiden Aphrodite - Morning Spa - Beauty magic (Magic Mirror)

Mother Demeter - Prosperity magic (altar pentacle and wand)

Ivy King Dionysus - Manifesting your Will (Chalice)

Queen of the Underworld Persephone - Shadow work & spellcasting (Athame)

Holly King Zeus - Forgiveness, Acceptance & Gratitude (Chalice)

Oracle of Delphi - Readings from the Oracles (Bring your questions)

Crone Hekate's Flying Ritual - Astral travel w/flying ointment (Wand/staff)

Maiden, Mother, Crone...

Witness the emergence of the Queen.

Festival Details

What awaits you on this journey?

Here's everything you need to know about attending our event.

A Once in a Lifetime Experience ---------

Meet the emerging fourth face of the Goddess - the Queen.



Find your power within the challenges of life, as you learn the mysteries of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Claim your purpose and find empowered strength within.



Discover how the Mother of Witches uses the power of rebirth to transform your life and the world around you. Gain the sight to know your future. Receive the gifts of magic from She, who would teach you all sorcery.



Reclaim yourself and reveal the gifts hidden within. Emerge from this weekend renewed and empowered. Find the purpose in your adversity. Overcome the challenges you face and dance gracefully into your future.

We look at the moon and we see she has four faces. We look at the seasons and we see four. We look at the elements and we see four. We all know the Triple Goddess, but as the wheel turns, there is another Goddess. Meet the fourth face of the Goddess: the Queen. Excelled in many facets, she is the face of change and power. She has overcome her challenges and gained power from them. She may be young or old, a mother, a wife, single or barren. Her children, or lack thereof, do not define her. She rises to leadership. She cares for all. She shapes society. She leads the way. Whether it's matriarch of Her family, president, CEO, business woman or social activist. The Queen takes Her power into Her own hands and leads us into a better future. Fearless in the face of change, adaptable, courageous, nurturing and kind, the Queen rules us, because we trust Her decisions and love what She does for us. We follow Her because we like the path upon which She takes us. We worship Her because without Her, we would not know the mysteries of magic and mastery, of overcoming and succeeding.

Meet Persephone in Her power at Hekate's Sickle Festival, October 12-15, 2017.




4/1 - 7/14




7/15 - 8/31




9/1 - 10/09


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