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Online and in all the churches in the ATC circle, we offer spiritual guidance, officiate rites of passage ceremonies, and touch lives through our hospital and prison chaplaincy programs. For those who are homebound or do not have a local church with which to worship, we bring the Mother Church to you through our online ministry program.

Do witches minister?

Yes, we do.

Wiccan Ministry is about helping people connect with the Lord and Lady. Priests and Priestesses of the Craft minister by being a bridge between the worlds. People seek the comfort of knowing the Gods exist and actually care about you. At the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, we bring the Gods to you in many ways.

Local Churches and Covens

You can find a local ATC church relatively close to you, wherever you are. We have churches in almost all 50 states, and in 7 countries around the world. ATC churches and covens work much like other Wiccan churches. Church is less about group structure, and more about a legal term used by our federal government. We are legally recognized by a unique umbrella exemption, giving our spiritual groups the same rights as other legal churches.

Find a local church/coven HERE.

If you have a church and would like to become an ATC Affiliate you can apply HERE.

Do you want to serve at the Mother Church? Please come to our events, the first and third Saturday of the month at 7pm, and start helping. We can't wait to meet you.

Online Circles

We have an online ministry at Sacred Cauldron, which is held in the dynamic and exciting virtual reality platform called Second Life. This online community is a worldwide collection of pagans, who come to Sacred Cauldron, to participate in daily rituals, activities, magical discussion, and events. The student, staff and faculty of WiccanSeminary.EDU hosts a variety of opportunities for you to connect with the Lord and Lady from the comfort of your own place. Do you want to get involved? The magical world is no further away than your computer keyboard. Join today. It's free.

Personal counseling

Tarot is the sacred text of our religion. Having a priest or priestess read your cards is the time when you find out what the Gods have to say to you. The Archpriesthood of the ATC is available for private appointments, for guidance, tarot readings. Email the Mother Church to schedule a phone or Skype reading.

Festivals and Pilgrimages

Spring Mysteries Festival is the original pagan pilgrimage. The people of ancient times would come from all over the known world to experience the initiatory rites of Eleusis. Today, these rights are held, as close to the original as possible, only by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. The priesthood of the ATC was called upon by the Gods to do this work, and is committed to carrying on the Eleusinian rites for humanity. This is a must see for all pagans world-wide. You owe it to yourself to experience the rites of Eleusis. 


Sickle Registration Open!


For all those still riding their Spring Mysteries high, registration for Hekate's Sickle Festival is now open. Early birds get the discounts, so register today! Bookmark to stay up-to-date on all things..

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Seminary Spring Term


Seminary Spring Session starts April 3. Classes have been posted on the Moodle site. This term's freshman electives are: Heal 100 - Healing Around the World with Rieka Long Heal 170 - Healing Your Wounds wit..

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Site Upgrades


Please bear with us as we continue implementing features and upgrades to our website. We believe we have most of the vital information back online now and our webmaster will be continuing to work behind the scenes ov..

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Prayer Requests

Prayers for the Nation

Prayed on Feb 10, 2017 by Stacey Sherwood

"In these uncertain, chaotic political times, let there be peace for the unsettled, safety for the outcast, and conscience burned deeply into our nation's leadership."

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