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The Gods are a part of you, and you a part of them. You are a child of earth. You feel the rhythms of the energies around you. You know magic is real, and want to understand the energy you sense in the world around you. You have felt the Gods, and seek a deeper connection.
You are a witch.

All Traditions Welcome

We welcome and accept all Gods as sacred aspects of the All. We revel in the many ways deity can speak with us. If you feel the Goddess calling you home to us, come running into the open arms of your spiritual family. We have prepared a place for you and are waiting for you to find your way home

The ATC clergy and members live as one with the Gods every day. We invoke them. We speak with them. We listen to them, and serve them. The ways of the Underworld are perfect, and we revel in their mysteries. All around the world, ATC groups maintain and share their temples to the Old Gods.

At the Mother Church, you will find permanent shrines to Our Lady, Hekate, and Our Lord, Pan, the patron deities of our church. In addition to our Standing Stone circle, drum circle, and Garden circle, we prepare many temporary altars and shrines throughout the year. Other shrines on our sacred grounds honor Aphrodite, Kwan Yin, the Warrior spirit, and Odin.

Virtual & Internet Shrines

For the home-bound or travel-challenged, we offer sacred space to worship in a virtual environment, Sacred Cauldron, using the Second Life online platform. Our seminary students host several daily devotionals and seasonal rituals throughout the year for the benefit of the community. Additionally, ATC hosts more than a dozen Facebook Temple pages for worshipers to connect with the spirit of the divine while online. Please stop by and offer tribute to the deities as your heart guides using the links below.

Annual Festivals

The mother church hosts two major events at opposite sides of the wheel of the year. The fall festival is Hekate's Sickle preparing members to enter the dark half of the year. At spring, the Spring Mysteries Festival embraces the light with a grand parade to the sea commemorating the ancient Greek rites of Eleusis. Both of these festivals offer powerful spiritual experiences to those who actively participate in the workshops, rituals, and rites of passage offered. These are two events you surely will not want to miss!


Sickle Registration Open!


For all those still riding their Spring Mysteries high, registration for Hekate's Sickle Festival is now open. Early birds get the discounts, so register today! Bookmark www.sickle.me to stay up-to-date on all things..

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Seminary Spring Term


Seminary Spring Session starts April 3. Classes have been posted on the Moodle site. This term's freshman electives are: Heal 100 - Healing Around the World with Rieka Long Heal 170 - Healing Your Wounds wit..

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Site Upgrades


Please bear with us as we continue implementing features and upgrades to our website. We believe we have most of the vital information back online now and our webmaster will be continuing to work behind the scenes ov..

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Prayer Requests

Prayers for the Nation

Prayed on Feb 10, 2017 by Stacey Sherwood

"In these uncertain, chaotic political times, let there be peace for the unsettled, safety for the outcast, and conscience burned deeply into our nation's leadership."

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