"Let thine innermost divine self be enfolded in the rapture of the infinite."

- Charge of the Goddess



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Respect, unity, teamwork, and tolerance for those who differ from us are ideas we don't take lightly at the ATC.


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"“We see God in everything: as a single, supreme, infinite, and holy energy often referred to in other cultures as “The All”, the “Great Mother”, the Tao. We believe this holy energy is the source of all things, eternally expressing Itself in infinite ways while maintaining universal balance between Its masculine and feminine aspects. The easiest way to for us as humans to conceptualize this supreme force is as holy parents, hence our frequent reference to Deity as both “God and Goddess”. "

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Meet the senior clergy of the Mother Church



ArchPriestess of Aquarian Tabernacle Church and Dean at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary. Bella’s book, Awakening Spirit, is used by our US Military to help chaplains minister to Wiccan Troops, and is part of the Freshman core curriculum in the Seminary. A Navy Veteran, Mother of three, and Spiritual Counselor; Bella is a 10 year veteran of full-time Wiccan ministry. Her current passion is to create a benefits package for Wiccan Clergy to help provide the resources for groups and leaders to be successful in their ministry.



High Priest of the Mother Church in Index, WA. and High Summoner of the ATC, Intl. A lifelong student of the craft, his work is in the political and media arenas. Dusty is also Dean of Marketing and Public Relations at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary.



High Priestess of the Mother Church in Index, WA ., the High Maiden of the ATC, Itnl., and an amazingly talented artist. Cassie is a professional spiritual counselor, and brings many talents to ATC as the local church's main administrator. She is an elder in the Eleusinian Priethood and is the Executive Director of the Church Festivals.



Mike is our Summoner and a 2nd degree High Priest at the Mother Church, a master gardner and herbalist, and retired Navy. A long time member of the ATC, Mikey is a walking Archive of the History of the Mother Church.  He's a trusted advisor and in charge of conflict resolution within the church membership.

ATC founder, the late Rt. Rev. Pete "Pathfinder" Davis, was an exemplary leader and mentor for the


greater Pagan community. Establishment of our global church, acceptance of Wicca by federal and


state governments and taxing authorities as a legitimate religion, the right to have the pentacle on


veteran's headstones, and the establishment of the only Wiccan seminary sanctioned by the state to


confer academic degrees in Ministry are only a part of his legacy.

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